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Hi, My name is Jeroen van der Heide and I'm starting this blog to inform you about and the journey it is walking to launch a T-shirt collection in September 2016 with unique graphic designs from artists all over the world who care about humanity and would like to support Tshared in its quest to change the fashion industry and help me with the mission Zero waste in the fashion industry..

Because I would like to serve and inform you, my dear reader I would like to answer your questions, deliver you content that is valuable and relevant for you on a regular basis (2x a month) so you can always be inspired, moved or just enjoy the journey together with me and learn more about

In order to deliver this I would like to know what is it that you want me to write about is it that I would like to answer questions, problems, tell you about Tshared and the steps that it takes? or.......??

As a thank you for your contribution and helping me writing a better Blog post for you.
I would like to give you a great gift which already helped a lot of people to become a better graphic designer.

Or if you are not a graphic designer but you would like to know how to reduce your CO2 Emission from your clothing after you bought them.

If you leave me a comment in the box below I'm more than happy to send one of these 2 PDF reports (put 1 or 2 into the comment box):

1. 11 1/2 top mistakes to avoid creating art for a T-shirt
2. How to save money while washing your clothes 12 easy steps


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