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Hi I am Jeroen, the proud father of two beautiful children and part of the first generation confronted with the negative results on the environment caused by the choices that have been made in the past. I have a long background in the fashion industry and became more and more critical of the vast amount of produced garments that are not reaching their customers. Did you know for example that 30% of all produced garments (25 billion pieces a year = 32,000 boeings 747 in weight) are not being bought by consumers. Most of these garments are dumpt or being burned, while clothes can be designed in a way that they can be easily recycled?


I started asking myself: What am I contributing to this world? I cannot change the past but I can change the future for myself and for the next generations after me, my children, your children, our children and therefore have made it my mission to: ''Within 5 years, become the most circular fashion company in Europe that is closing the fashion loop by unique crowdsourced design driven clothing and products" and founded Tshared.

The Tshared way to Zero Waste, closing the loop in fashion

We know where we want to go—zero waste. And we know we can’t get there all on our own. Fact is, we are still a small player in the global fashion industry. We want the big players to commit to zero waste as well. We want to prove to them that there is a better way. Here’s what our roadmap to zero waste looks like:

Phase 1: Create awareness, our product is the best tool to communicate our message of zero waste, so we can create awareness always and everywhere. Enjoy your clothes but take your responsibility in buying and taking care of your clothes.

Phase 2: From seed to Tee, because we are transparent about our total supply chain we can show our Tshared friends how we do it, who makes your clothes we believe that humans like you and me want to know the story behind the product you buy, because humans like to connect with other humans.

Phase 3: Be a role model, we learn from other human beings who set an example, Tshared wants to be that role model and raise the awareness around doing business in the new way, but we cannot achieve a zero waste fashion industry all on our own. We need your support, are you joining us?

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Tshared is fashion brand of T-shirt designs made from 100% organic cotton that at the same time gives new designers a platform to show and produce their work. Our goal is to become an eco- effective brand that is proud of it's footprint.

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Closing the loop in fashion

During the industrial revolution we created a linear system meaning: BUY, USE, THROW AWAY. This system brought us a lot of wealth and still does, there is only one big downside and that is that we are using all our natural resources and create huge amounts of landfill, waste. It makes a lot of sense to reuse, recycle this waste and make new beautiful products from it. Makes sense right? We want to make sure that our T-shirts have not traveled around the world in a ship fueled by fossil fuels and by being transparent at all levels we want to contribute to the world and humanity. Tshared is all about connecting and inspiring other people and therefore we will be sharing the story of how we get from Seed to Tee: that is, 100% organic cotton T-shirts.

From Seed to Tee 100% transparency

Unfortunately organic cotton still takes a large amount of water to produce, we will therefore do everything that is possible to reduce the excess waste of energy and water produced in the process. Instead of focusing on making high margins on the products, we have the goal at Tshared to make the entire supply chain of the garment as transparent as possible as a way to contribute to the world and humanity. This means:

  • The choice of design: We will tell the stories of the designers behind the t shirt design and show their work.
  • The production of the material: We will show how and where the organic cotton T-shirts are manufactured and constructed as well as who the people are behind the production process. Tshared will be 100% transparent about how is taken care of these people.

Crowdsourcing fashion

One strategy used by Tshared to reduce the vast overproduction of garments is crowdsourcing fashion. Say what? Our designs, 111 bold unique numbered pieces, will only be printed for Tshared if at least 50 people have funded them. By confirming that they will buy the shirts, we will know for sure that we only produce the products that you, our community, has shown to like and is willing to buy. And if you share the design you like and encourage your friends to fund it, it will go to print. Because sharing is caring, and we like it when you care. To thank you for sharing we will give you a 11 euro discount on your next purchase.

By finding sustainable solutions for transport, conscient retail use and finally recycling, we can save money while saving the planet. To be able to do this we will do our best to make everything in our product so pure you can recycle it. We will also be making sure that our T-shirts have not traveled around the world in a ship fueled by fossil fuels and will be sharing tips and tricks on how to reduce your own footprint. Before buying a new T-shirt, we wandered if you for example did know that:

  • 52% of the total C02 emission of a T-shirt is due to washing and drying your clothes? That is a lot!
  • One T-shirt equals 1kg of cotton which takes between 10.000 and 20,000 liters of water to produce. Which is the same as a 21 hour shower (
  • One load of washing uses 40 gallons of water and one load of drying uses 5 times more energy than washing. If we can find new ways of ironing and drying part of our T-shirt, this would saves a third of its carbon footprint. Read more about the impact of a cotton shirt here:

One tip is to install a water meter to find out exactly how much water you use. This is a good incentive to waste less water.Source:


Images: Via Outerknown

I want to ask you to join us on this journey of designing a new model for the fashion industry aimed at Closing the Loop in Fashion. We have to take responsibility to leave the earth behind and we have to do this together. “We can't wait any longer.” A Circular Economy is the future and we have made it our goal to inspire and educate people on closing the loop in circular fashion. How? For example by sharing tips and tricks on how to close the loop in fashion and we are asking you to join us to create this movement! Do you have any tips to share with us? 

In the meantime I'm very curious to hear what you do to save energy or water at home??

Please share your tips, suggestions or advices in the comment box below.

And.... if you want, you can share this valuable information to humans just like you. simply by sharing your message with the share buttons below.

Let's go Zero Waste!

Kind regards,

Jeroen van der Heide Founder / Ecopreneur

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