Vision Why do we exist!

“ we inspire, educate, reduce overproduction, make unique high quality clothing on demand , are circular, cause no unnecessary harm to planet and people " 

Mission Zero Waste fashion!

I know what my dream is: — Zero Waste fashion. And I know I can’t get there all by myself. Fact is Tshared still is a small player in the global fashion industry. I want the big players to commit to Zero Waste as well. I want to prove to them that there is a better way, a smarter way of producing. Here’s how my roadmap to Zero Waste looks like.

Phase 1: Create awareness. Through it’s beautiful and unique T-shirts Tshared communicates it’s Zero Waste message, always and everywhere. Together with create blogs, video’s and other high quality content this will create awareness around Zero Waste. I also want you to enjoy your favorite t-shirt for as long as possible. For this I will help you take excellent care of your T-shirt with my great tips.

Phase 2: Transparency from Seed to Tee. Because I want Tshared to be transparent about the total supply chain, I’ll show you how your t-shirt is being produced and who makes your t-shirts. I believe that humans like you and me want to know the story behind the product you buy, because humans like to connect with other human beings and we love a good story.

Phase 3: Be a role model. We love to be inspired by our fellow human beings who set an example. I want Tshared to be that role model and raise the awareness around doing business and contributing to the world at the same time. But I cannot achieve a Zero Waste fashion industry by myself. I need your support, please join me NOW!

Founder / Ecopreneur

Hi there, my name is Jeroen van der Heide I'm the founder and creator of Fashion that contributes and connects! I have been working in the fashion industry since 1996, and I had the privilege to work together with f.i. Karl Lagerfeld, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY and Hans Ubbink. The last company I worked for had to stop their business, because they ran out of money. So I asked myself, what is my legacy contribution? Basically nothing, just selling another product! I want to contribute to our world, to my children my family, You, and I want to become 111 years old! I decided to follow my dream. And - funny enough - the name Tshared came to me in a dream! I started writing my business plan for and launched this website to build a community with like minded people, to find new ways and contribute to our world and humanity.


I strongly believe to be succesfull with your business you need to have a great team that are prepared to cocreate. 

I found some great people who joined me to fulfill the mission of Zero Waste.


Dear Visionairs, Game changers, contributors to a sustainable world: We would like you to join us.

Please send your C.V. to


I have worked for more then 15 years in the wholesale business of the fashion industry and the first question clients always asked me:

"which items are your nr1 sellers", well I have your answer for you right here, because we only produce products on demand we have only products that sell. 

You are more then welcome to look in our stock and purchase from their or help us produce the most funded products untill we reach the magic number 111.


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